Freelance Photography

Customized Photography Experiences

Photo shoots with Brian Kimball photography are never limited to a time frame or package. What matters to me is creating a customized experience to fit each of my client’s needs and ensuring they leave a session with their desired outcome. When performing a photo shoot,  I take a lot of pictures. An average shoot consists of two hundred to three hundred photographs. However, I never limit any customers to a specific amount of photos to ensure you do not end up with little selection and only a few with everyone’s eyes open. 

Providing flexible sessions allows clients to feel comfortable. I understand for many types of sessions you will have wardrobe changes; this is why I do not limit customers to a specific number of outfits. Clients have the opportunity to have shoots taken at my small farm in Dover, PA, or I can drive to the site of our choice. 

My goal is to offer various services in an open format to fit each situation. I can capture images through my camera on the ground while also utilizing Aerial Photography all in the same session. All images taken during our time together you will then own. Customers can receive the photographs through a thumb drive and album, along with a variety of specialty prints on metal and poster boards. Images have the capability to range in sizes to fit each need.