Brian Kimball

What started as a hobby has now grown and formed into a reality I never would have imagined. Photography has been my passion for the last thirty years. I can now combine many of my career experiences with my love. This has opened a new door allowing me to provide my customers with unique services and lasting memories. 

Hello, I am Brian Kimball. I have worked in the electrical world for forty-five years in the  Electrical Engineering field as a Designer, Construction Administrator, and Electrical Inspector. I have spent most of my time looking through the camera lens; I have taken my knowledge from past jobs and integrated it into my photography. I am expanding my work to various customer bases, from unique family pictures to construction surveying. Watching all the elements come together in my lens to create images that fill my customers with joy and excitement is why I love my job. 

I have always enjoyed the complexity of photography and learning new camera skills to get various unique looks and styles into a photo. Expanding my skill sets, I have taken my camera to the sky. Being an FAA Certified Drone Pilot allows me to use Aerial Photography and Videography to create spectacular outlooks from above that are impossible to develop on the ground. This aids in creating amazing views over Farms, Homes, Construction sites, and much more. Let me capture life’s memories, and you enjoy them years later!